Venus Envy – Final Nightmare?

Haaaaa! After a sweet moment, Zoe has a nightmare! Ha ha! Well, she’s gonna confront this demon tonight. Good luck Zoe…

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  1. Felicia

    Yes yes! This is the art that I’ve been talking about! It’s like pancakes with iceream <3

  2. Ariel Silvera

    See, the funny thing is that for the first time ever, Zoe’s nightmare has a voice in my head. The voice of GlaDOS. And that’s goddamn terrifying.

  3. rhysel

    Does she sleep in a wig?

  4. Cheryl H

    And breast forms ?????

  5. Evelyn Poor

    Well if you look at the last time she woke up from a nightmare, yeah.

    It’s just missing Richie this time.

  6. Evelyn Poor

    And thanks Ariel. Now I’m imagining that voice too. >: [

  7. Kim

    This wasn’t a triumph, huge failure *ahem* I like your art. So I will agree with Felicia on that :D

  8. Ana

    Inb4 nightmare tentacle pr0n.

    But I like how it squishes her cheeks. This one seems juicy enough to eat =P

  9. Melanie

    Maybe it’s cold in Zoe’s house I know I sleep with breast forms on during the winter they make me feel comfy and keep me warm, that and the cat on my legs.

  10. tyciol

    Why am I getting this sinking feeling that this is going to turn out like the end of Black Swan film…

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