Venus Envy – Father and Daughter

Welp. The VE curse is hitting I guess. I’m not trying to intentionally imitate the update schedule but eh.

This should get the story done a little bit faster.

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  1. rhysel

    Please DON’T make the story go faster!

  2. Tim

    Yes, Robert has completely accepted her as his daughter Zoe instead of his son Alex. And she SO has him wrapped around her little finger.

  3. MadMabel

    Great art! Especially the first picture.

    Often in webcomics young people are sort of generically young. Age somewhat indeterminate. In this particular drawing its clear that Zoe is really young. And her father looks appropriately pissed and concerned.

    Good work Evelyn!

    Oh, what does Dell’abade mean?

  4. Random

    “He was angry at her daughter”, shouldn’t it be “He was angry at his daughter”? The sentence seems awkward to me. By the way you’re doing a terrific job so far.

  5. Evelyn Poor

    Thanks Random Hajile. I’ll need to make sure to fix that error.

    MadMabel, dell’Abade is Nina’s last name.

  6. Bulmafox

    Are you going to try to make this consistent with Jenn Dolari’s Closetspace/Venus Envy crossover, “One Night In Salem”?

  7. Evelyn Poor

    It’s too late for that, that arc took place before the stabbing as it is. Also it is very non-canon. This arc is supposed to imagine what could be if it were canon.

  8. Lindsey

    Awww, what a daddy’s girl. The last pic is so cute! It really invokes emotions.

  9. WhatName?

    Aww, you mean that Zoe’s father isn’t in the closet?

  10. Zilla

    Not sure about this one. It feels forced, and unnatural… Maybe it’s because this would usually take a lot longer to play out, even if the end result would be the same… her dad caved too quickly. Far too quickly. He’s the one that would cave, but I can’t see him doing so on one ride home, and I’m sure he’d be working out a compromise, like putting the play after the exams or something, before immediately going to “It’s happening tomorrow night.”

  11. rhysel

    I fell kind of the same as Zilla.
    And I know I said it already, and I know it makes me sound like a crazy fangirl (fanwhatever, who cares), but I don’t want this to stop! This comic was dead for so long, that such a sudden revival made me cling to it really hard – probably harder than it would be possible if it was published regularly.


    You didn’t have much going on in this part of the plot except for some dialogue. But instead of just skipping over such parts by writing a bunch of paragraphs, I can think of a couple better ideas.

    You could write the dialogue out in a comic form (speech bubbles) but spread it over several updates AND shuffle it with scenes happening in other places, like other girls talking after Zoe left the place – so we don’t just get a series of chatting in a car. Also, some parts of it could be skipped at this point and only revealed later when they will both be telling Mum about the idea, creating some suspense.

    Please! Do I make sense?

  12. Tori

    Goodness, I was so scared this would end like. Horrible or bloodily or something, because of the very dramatic formatting, and it was really tense, and then you were like “Psych! Happy time! =3″ which I thought was excellent in execution. -applauds-

  13. jessica

    Awww! hope the ve curse gets lifted! love the feelings in this peice! thank you.

  14. Nat

    The last illustration is full of adorable :D

  15. WildCard

    tl;dr :-) Just kidding. I guess that long text piece was necessary to prevent that car ride home from taking months to complete. Off to the play!!

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