Venus Envy – Aftergame

Father knows best.

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  1. Ketsurui

    Daddy looked kind of scary!

  2. JennyG

    uh-oh Daddy looks mad. I wonder why? hehe

  3. Lysaea

    I’m glad you put the little tag “Father knows best.” It’s been so long since the original updated, I didn’t remember what Daddy-dearest looked like XD

  4. rhysel

    This stuff is better than anything alse I’ve seen under the TGD label so far!
    (No offense.)
    I’m wondering how is it possible that picking up this story gave you such a boost in creativity, plot planning, drawing style, quality of updates, basically everything.
    I just hope you don’t stop this continuation too quickly.

  5. Tori

    Love how casual Zoe is with being stabbed. xD

    Her dad looks almost…adorable, like, in a loving grandpa way (there is no good ways to phrase that XD) than he ever did in Venus Envy Classic. Much kudos! =D

  6. Shanya Almafeta

    Wow… a whirlwind through all the characters of Venus Envy. @_@

    I wonder if Mr. Cluck is coming up soon c.c;

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