Venus Envy – This is Your Life… Part 2

For starters… if you’ve never read Venus Envy, it might be a good idea to catch up to it now before you start to follow this story. If you’d rather just start at the story this is a continuation of, start here.

This is a non-canon story. This is not an official crossover or continuation. Erin Lindsey takes no part in this. But considering that Venus Envy has been dead for over a year now, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do an unofficial conclusion to the current chapter (I’m kind of tired of seeing that knife in the back, and I’m sure Zoe is too).

So maybe this will create somewhat of an “ending” for Venus Envy. Let’s hope it does.

(If anyone is curious, I contacted Erin Lindsey about this, but nooooo response. I assume the comic is dead at this point anyway.)

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  1. Zee

    There was some sorta continuation (official maybe) from Jen Dolari but it went unto hiatus to…
    So maybe its the curse of Venus Envy.

  2. Janine

    I’m not sure how badly I want this… VE was good, but imo Grace, as a character and as a whole, was the equivalent of strapping on the water skis and the whole ‘Nina is batshit crazy’ storyline was jumping not one but about 10 sharks.

  3. Ketsurui

    I cannot say I am not happy to see the story to its conclusion. I was also kind of tired of checking the site every single day for a few months and never seeing any change at all.

    Go for it, at least, the story can rest in piece after some kind of conclusion.

  4. vIvaresistance950

    Lol at this point the story is bound to have soo much L4D influence. Unless you’re thinking The Crow *giggles*

  5. victoria

    yeaaa i think shes done with it i had read through most of it in a few days when i found it and realized she must have had alot of arguments with her forums over expressing her own views in her own comic which ended in her telling people to stop being f mints rightfully so. then she got married so i think shes probably stopped updating VE for need of money and being married possibly with kids u find less time for the fun things; i know just from how long it takes me to do translations while babysitting a 3 year old

  6. Andrea D

    *gets popcorn* This should be awesome.

  7. Pheebus

    She got married? How lovely ^-^
    I still check the sight from time to time on the off chance that maybe, just maybe, there is an update… but nothing. It was because of that comic that I found this one ^-^
    Jenn Dolari updated just today, I don’t know if that one is official however, but if it is maybe try to contact Erin threw Jenn.

  8. Jessica D.

    I had tried to get a hold of Erin when I did last year’s TDOR. Dolari said she’s just really busy. It’s a bummer too because I REALLY liked Venus Envy. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  9. themadwomyn

    The crossover in Cloestspace, Jenn Dolari’s comic, is still going on. Do to medical issues Jenn had to take some time off, but now the worst in over according to the site and the crossover is back. However, I am very interested in your take! This should be great =)

  10. TenTen

    I’m semi-glad. VE was so totally dead without any messages on the site and a clueless little fancommunity that I was afraid, something happened to Erin.
    I really look forward for how Eve will work on it. :)

  11. Alexis

    When I was reading the whole Nina going crazy thing just seemed like one of Zoe’s paranoia induced nightmares, seems to over the top for something that would really happen, especially due to a play XD

  12. Tori

    I can sympathize with the paranoia. I mean, I think a lot of us can, why else was her readership so large? When I first read it, it seemed uber realistic because I was *that* pessimistic. :(

  13. Bulmafox

    I’m so glad you’re doing this. I’d love to see an ending.

  14. Elenor

    Thank you dearly for this wrap-up. VE did indeed jump the shark with its final and fatal chapter. But VE was a deeply needed resource (and community) for many people for several years. When it started, there was nothing quite like it on the nets for TG people. VE deserves to retire with dignity, not via the uncouth trans-exploitation back-stab. Thanks, indeed, for your efforts.

  15. lustylad411

    Well now that you’ve chosen to continue VE, I hope you plan to conclude it. Personaly I would of had Zoe wake up in her hospital bed with Eric standing over her. He tells her he knows she’s trans and that he loves her. And everyone lives happily ever after. Just don’t do what the story’s creator did and let it die-out without giving it a proper ending. It deserves more than that.

  16. Laura Ess

    You know, VE was good and initially I read all the archive for several hours (like I am with this webcomic at the moment), but I miss Venus Ascending.

  17. tyciol

    I hate that I am only now just learning of this!