Break Time – 5 Minute Stories – Cops

I’m taking a break while I figure out what I want to do next. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll update Monday through Friday, so 5 updates!

Today’s entry is a 5 minute comic, which I did basically on the fly. I just did whatever came to mind without thinking about it and got this. Yay?

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  1. AnneRKhist

    Cops are indeed mean. At least the ones I’ve met. Seems most of them have some need to feel powerful and being an asshat fulfills this need for them.

  2. Noktelfa

    On the fly… not planned… and yet, so accurate!

  3. Ketsurui

    Humm… how could the cop see that the person was a trans with only the ID? Or am I missing something?

  4. Evelyn Poor

    The ID was still her male ID. She didn’t change it yet.

  5. Tyler

    haha this reminds me of my school ID, they won’t let you get a new pic for it unless you buy all 7 backups. so i’ve got a pic of my semi-long hair……. can’t believe i was ever that person o.o

    *i didn’t transition till this year :3

  6. Nickie

    well , i have been arrested by cops that way ,
    and i don’t have new papers yet…

    guess what? the cops let me go :D

  7. littlealiensyd

    love this! hahaha


  8. Kyle

    Having long hair doesn’t matter Tyler. I wanted my hair just long enough to touch my shoulders but the lady fucked it up. I’m growing it out now but I may buzz it again, who knows.
    The cop is calling her a freak because shes going on about womyn born womyn and not because shes trans right?

  9. Evelyn Poor

    Glad you like it Sydney :P

    And Kyle, I didn’t think about it too hard when I drew it (it was on the fly after all) but it’s more the latter.

  10. littlealiensyd

    can i hug you :.]

  11. Niceguy Eddie


    Love this week strip. Considering the bushllit currenlty going on in the Texas legislature, I agree that, yeah, THE LAW, in general pretty much sucks. I would have written this anyway, but I had you and all of my online, trans-friends in mind when I read the articles, and wrote my response. If you’re interested:

    F— the law. F— the cops. And, most of all: F— TEXAS!

    And great strip, as always! Love your sense of humor. I check it almost every day! :)

  12. JC47

    Speaking as a trans police officer (MtF BTW) whom has been a long-standing fan of this web-comic, I really take offense to this portrayal. You’ve essentially just accused myself and other trans-persons in my career of being hypocrites solely based upon our profession. It was a mean-spirited and cheap jab – yes, there are some officers out there whom have tarnished the badge with inappropriate conduct, but that’s true of ANY profession… saying that all of us are mean/terrible/corrupt just by nature of being the police is just like saying that all transwomen are autogynephiliacs. Hrmph, guess I’m screwed either way. Shame on you… but you know what…

    It wouldn’t stop me from taking a bullet for you.

  13. Roxxy

    I tried flirting my way out of ticket once, umm it went well until he asked to see my ID then it got awkward and he let me go. But I count it as a win.

  14. retro

    JC47 –

    Not to speak too much for l’artiste but it seems more to me a parody of FTM-spectrum peoples’ interactions with MTF-spectrum people. You know, the whole things with “Michigan” and what’s usually actually meant by “women and trans”.

    Everybody’s probably encountered a mean cop, but I think this was more about the above rather than “trans cops are hypocrites”.

  15. Evelyn Poor

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it retro.

  16. Evelyn Poor

  17. shaed

    The speeding/groping woman isn’t really in the right in this situation.

  18. nameisnotavailable


    I actually had an occurance ages ago when I was caught out. female apearance male ident.
    The officer simple asked “Is that you”
    I told him “It’s still a vid Id, I plan on fixing it soon”

    Oddly I didn’t even get a ticket…… I have always wondered about that.

  19. Chorda

    So a woman speeds, gropes an FtM officer’s moobs and…we’re supposed to feel sorry for her when she’s rightfully arrested for assault?

    Don’t grope people against their will, especially not in a way that’s going to trigger gender dysphoria. Geez.

  20. Maddy

    LOL people taking webcomics way too seriously….

  21. kinnyfear

    it’s a comic guys. no one in it is supposed to be “in the right”

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