Reel Lyfe Advyntures – Trannophiles

Trannophiles are usually men who have a fetishistic desire for trans women. They may try to lure you into their clutches with hormones… money… even the surguree! Approach with caution. Stealth may be a good deterrent against trannophiles.

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  1. Jamie

    If only old fat trannies like me ever got trannophiles wanting to trade monies for affection. I’m not proud enough to turn it down. :P

  2. JennyG

    Thanx for the PSA, Evepuff. ^_^

  3. Noktelfa

    HAH! It’s both funny and disturbing. I never thought about it that way before, but a lot of transsexuals are like children in the early stages of transition… Frightened, lonely, vulnerable and naive. And some of them do get into trouble with the wrong kind of men because of that.

  4. Ketsurui

    This one made me laugh… although it is not a matter for such… but you made it look so funny.

  5. Oneeniisama

    I love it how Adrian looks in Panel no. 3 and 4! She’s so cute… *hugsadrian*

  6. Naomi

    I knooow! She’s adorable! :D

  7. Jenn

    omggg estrofem~! <333

  8. Kyle G

    Oh god that one sounds pretty damn scary.

  9. ShinitaiHana

    And now we know! And knowing is half the battle! ^-^

  10. Jude

    that guy doesn’t loook tooo bad, you know what, all he needs is some cool shades.

  11. Nominell

    Hey, is that Shoop in the last panel with Adrian? :D

  12. Felicity

    I once nearly shat my pants when this weird foreign dude hassled me and claimed he would make me happy for life and love me forever if I came with him. I might’ve if he didn’t look like he survived on wellfare cheques. Nah, not really, he was scary.

  13. Etna

    Love how the box looks exactly like that ^^.

  14. Evelyn Poor

    Jude, shades like this?

  15. Kate

    I just noticed-he has blackish gray nail polish! That, or dirty nails…

  16. Caralie Distant

    Needing some great upbeat work <3 Nothing like wordless multi-panel "vague" joke to make your day (or night for in my manner since I am 6 hours behind you east coasties).

    I got till this thursday to keep reading before I vanish for 3 weeks for a business trip. Acting your physical gender AHOY!!!
    *gets on a jet plane, honestly not sure when she will get back again*

  17. Alexandra

    @Evelyn Poor

    That’s a huge improvement!

    …If creepiness is what you’re going for.

  18. lustylad411

    I’m an out ‘n’ proud trannophile, but I’m respectfull so that makes it OK. Plus I can bearly afford to feed myself, so I’ve nothing to offer except my love. <3

  19. Schala

    What about guys who like you as a person, and also appreciate your “transness”, regardless of wether you get surgery or not, don’t see you as a boy, and have dated (only) cis women before?

    What then?

    Been almost 3 years with this guy.

  20. Tyciol

    ITT, complain about peeps who like TGs liking them too much, complain about being hated for it by vast majority of population, risk eternal loneliness searching for perfect middle of impartiality.

  21. Dani

    There was a guy who adored me, wanted to marry me, wanted to pay for all my surgeries, etc. I broke up with him because he also wanted to own me and control me.

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