Retro Transter – Gender Trenders

Yeah yeah, I know, transgender and transsexuals, two different things. Transgendering sounds more ridiculous and cooler to say though.

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  1. Kyle

    The term trans trending makes my skin crawl.
    Transgendering is also not a word

  2. Tyler

    I like this one =D

  3. Felicity

    Isn’t a transsexual as much a transgender as a crossdresser? It’s not like it’s a different category in between a transsexual and “just” a crossdresser.

  4. Naomi

    The fact crossdressers are often categorized as the same thing as I am confuses me. You don’t transition for thrills and fetish reasons. You do it because you need to in order to survive in this world. Putting on lipstick and heels doesn’t mean you’ve just changed gender. I hope this doesn’t offend any crossdressers who might read this, and I apologize if it does.

    /end srs (o.o)/

    The emo one is totally cute, btw :D

  5. Sean

    I like the comic today. I think it’s fine that you use transgender instead of transsexual – it’s just that there isn’t “the” other gender, there’s “an”-other gender.

    Naomi, for a lot of crossdressers, it’s just as much a part of their identity as being transgendered/sexual. I know someone on my campus who identifies as a transvestite where it relates to his gender and sex too, it’s not just about thrills and a fetish. But he calls himself a transvestite.

  6. Rachel

    That baby is so disturbing…

  7. JennyG

    I like the term Transgender because Transsexual just sounds pornographic, imo.

  8. Kyle G

    Cross Dressers in my mind are just “walking on the wild side”, its not that they desire to be the other gender mostly they do it for sexual thrills, *ex boyfriend* coff cofff, I have had my experiences with them

  9. Felicity

    Transgender (pronounced /trænzˈdʒɛndər/) is a general term applied to a variety of individuals, behaviors, and groups involving tendencies to vary from culturally conventional gender roles.

    I am a “mere” crossdresser yet I am not a fetishist sissy or doing it just for the thrill of it. I consider myself transgender just as well because I feel more in touch with my feminine side. It’s not all that black & white y’know. Transgenderism is an umbrella-term (for lack of a better term, sorry) for all sorts of gender dysphoria. The trans-community seems to be akin to the military at times as it seems to be nothing more but a show of rank at times.
    But I’m sure you are all really wonderful people, I just really needed to get this off my chest.


  10. Jaime

    The one in the middle is me lol. With the emo hair? That’s so me

  11. Kyle G

    Never looked at it that way, everyone just goes on different experiences i guess :P

  12. Evelyn Poor

    “The trans-community seems to be akin to the military at times as it seems to be nothing more but a show of rank at times.”

    Wouldn’t you know it! Here’s a secret – it is. It’s all a game of whose dick is biggest, so to speak, and there’s plenty of infighting where everyone struggles to be more valid or real than the other, and will do whatever it takes to make it all about how much more of a woman they are than those “freaks”. Not everybody is like this, but I’ve found a lot are.

    That’s something I have to get my chest off of about too. :P

  13. Caralie_Distant

    Being in the… “military”… Yeah. Theres no rainbows, sugar coats, and prop wash about covering the ugly sh*t stain about it. And atleast the “freaks” folks be talking about in the community, bout 90% + are titled that way for a reason in the military. No spoilers but… Its just as messed up <3

    Thank you for that piece of fun fact(s) Evelyn.

  14. Jascee

    While, indeed, the transgender community is full of ‘Transier than thou” folks… That’s never really dampened my view on how I view it ideally…
    Everyone is different. Everyone looks different, everyone comes from different places and everyone’s life leads them to different places… However, we all have similar hardships.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had their time crying in the shower over the pain of being the wrong sex or the only one scouring for uplifting transgender comics and success stories to give a shimmer of hope of getting through it all.. And as such, I support everyone who’s going through it, no matter how their views on how they want to be themselves may differ from mine. Not that I’m above judging others or a member of team transtice…Just that ideally, everyone just should just focus on being themselves, find comfort and support in who they can for what they believe (and support others), be aware of other’s opinions and take them into mind and GET BUSY LIVIN’.
    I’m aware it’ll never be like that, and all this sounds pretty naive towards the ‘pecking order’ nature of things, but whatevs.

    TL;DR: Give peace a chance and other dumb hippie shit, man. Cuz we’re all, like, sons and daughters of the earth and moon or something else in pseudophilosophy that applies.

  15. Evelyn Poor

    There’s a website I found a while back called TS-SI. They claim to be scientific or w/e, but they’re just a buncha crazy HBSers who has the stupidest philosophy intended to make them reel womyn while everyone else is just a bunch a “transgenders” and freaks who are men. They’ll get some… responses from me, so to speak.

    And maybe it’s just me, but trans women seem to be a lot more judgey than trans men. Trans men are also more willing to fuck around with the binary (ie. genderqueer) while trans women want to uphold a rigid male/female thing, and anyone who falls outside of that is a freak.

    Too bad that they would be considered freaks as well, by cis folks who think of trans people as other. That’s why I hate this game of Better Than You.

  16. Jascee

    “Too bad that they would be considered freaks as well, by cis folks who think of trans people as other. That’s why I hate this game of Better Than You.”

    And also more why we should all stick together. :>

    But yeah… I think that’s because a lot of transwomen tend to put it in their mind that it’s OH SO MUCH harder for MTFs to blend into soceity than FTMs and thus believe that people that don’t reach for (what is, in their opinion) the ‘highest’ of goals to get to are obviously not really trying.

  17. Carwyn

    Funny, it’s the same over here in Germany. The reel womyn-faction vs. the categorizing faction vs. the “born” transsexuals….Fun fact: Outside of the community no one gives a damn if you’re TV, TS, CD or whatever. It’s just as Evelyn said: It’s about having the biggest dick. Even if that dick is a neovagina. :D

    Heck, forget labels. Just be what you wanna be, no matter how someone would call it. Labels are mostly to seperate – there goes the community, eh?

  18. Felicity

    Labels have their use, they just tend to be abused for evil purposes at times. Yes, I’m talking to you Dr. Transor, You and your evil trans-judgment ray.
    I’m sorry, sleep deprivation tends to have a strange effect on me.

    Peace out,

  19. Jaime

    Evelyn, this site is so weird lol. I love you. Where’s teh LP parody!?

  20. littlealiensyd

    I love every one of these drawings. hahahah

    thank you whoever did all this. need to show friendsssss

  21. Alexandra

    IMO the “transier than thou” contest is totally pointless. The straight/cis mainstream is going to see you as confused or a freak whether you start a witch hunt for CDers and fetishists or not. All you’re doing is trying to know yourself a rung up the ladder within the group by knocking everyone else down.

    I’m a TS, but I wish I was as well-adjusted and secure in my sense of self as most of my “transgenderist” friends are.

  22. Alexandra

    *knock* yourself a rung up the ladder.

    Drunk posting kills dignity, kiddies.

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