Transphobia Ahoy! – True Man

Once a man, always a man!

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  1. Lindsey

    nooooo =(

  2. retro

    i love panel 3 + ~+

  3. Ketsurui

    That is one disturbing baby.

  4. mina.magpie

    Evelyn, this is sheer brilliance. ^_^

  5. Felly

    I’ve missed Adrian :3

  6. Kyle

    This is always what I think.

  7. Kitsune Dragoon


  8. niceguy eddie


  9. Marinol

    lmfao this is fucking hilarious

  10. Jerica

    bahahahaha so true. I hate when people say that.

  11. Zee

    Yep, no one is being born a man or a woman. Silly poeple to think otherwise :p

  12. Pin


  13. 3456789g

    yep that’s exactly what i looked like when i was born

  14. Tyler_Nickster

    lol :3

  15. ~Xu0kitty

    …. *twitch*

  16. themadwomyn

    *punches asshole in face*

  17. Vivian

    This is *so* spot on

  18. smischmal

    That is exactly what I imagine when I hear that ‘you were born a man’ nonsense.

  19. IAMMIZ

    so good

    so good

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