Scrawled Pages – Magic Gender Wand

A magic wand that can transform you into your target gender is great! But like with Kitty, a lack of specifics will just get you screwed over.Scrawled Pages – Magic Gender Wand, 4.8 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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  1. Sarah


  2. Alice

    ewww, I think she was better off non-biological female.

  3. Valerie Keefe

    First time I’ve seen a coulter + trans joke that was actually funny. Good show m’dear.

  4. Sarah

    Maybe I should look into who coulter is… ^_^’

  5. amilysan

    wow, this joke have potential to become a meme, you can practically put any person instead of coulter, xD

  6. Jessica Sideways

    If I had the choice to stay a transsexual woman or be Ann Coulter, I’d stay a transsexual woman. Being Ann Coulter would likely make me cry tears of blood.

  7. june

    Can I be boy george? 8D

  8. Yokai

    Remember it’s only the BODY of Coulter, not the mind… oh my, what havoc one could wreak with that.

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