And that’s the end of the story!…. Or is it?

For the curious, certain parts of this story was indeed inspired by fact:
– Sex being a dysphoria trigger setting things off
– Seeing a childbirth video setting off a deeper dysphoria
– Being given a ‘challenge’ to go off hormones
– The four character’s desperation for surgery
– Natalie being a jerk
– Some of Natalie and Naomi’s language – i.e. ‘retard’ and ‘sex change’

With that said, I hope you enjoyed the story! I started it up again mainly to vent the awful horrible feelings that come with being off hormones (early menopause is the absolute worst) and it grew into a story that I was happy to complete and not let get derailed by violent deaths and suicides. I want to say it’s almost redemption for the time travel story (which someday I hope to actually revamp) and hopefully for those of you who were around for that, you feel that way too.

No promises on updates from here on out. I got this comic done way ahead of schedule as I’ll be occupied. Let’s just say the timing of this story’s end has some relation to real life.

Thanks for reading!